Asian Century Latest: India Fills 0.60846% of International Student Quota! - 17 Aug 2017, 0:39
In the context of #highered #globalisation, #India is being left behind by #Asian rivals with <3% of its #population - 17 Aug 2017, 0:29
India needs to (i) address basic deficiencies in its #highered system; (ii) increase regional cooperation; and (iii) make its cities cleaner - 17 Aug 2017, 0:25
India can rapidly increase the number of overseas #students it hosts via better #marketing + recruitment practices, but broader shift needed - 17 Aug 2017, 0:23
The trickle of international #students in #India are accounted for as follows: 60% from #Asia; 20% from #Africa; and just 1.6% from #Europe - 17 Aug 2017, 0:18
India has the second largest higher #education system in the world after China; however, its 33m #students are almost all domestic nationals - 17 Aug 2017, 0:14
Just 30,423 international students enrolled in Indian #highered institutions in 2016, a drop of nearly 1,000 (▼2.26%) on 2015 #India #edchat - 17 Aug 2017, 0:13
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