All Apologies: Germany’s #1 Newspaper Caught Up in #FakeNews Farrago! - 20 Feb 2017, 23:08
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NYT: foreign nationals make up c.10% of Germany's population, but committed just 6% of all crimes in 2015; the sex crimes figure is c.5% - 20 Feb 2017, 22:50
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One of the alleged victims of the 'attack' was not even in Frankfurt; German police dismissed the accusations as 'completely baseless' #edu - 20 Feb 2017, 22:45
The Berlin tabloid uncritically reported a claim that 50 Arab men assaulted women at a restaurant in central Frankfurt on New Year's Eve - 20 Feb 2017, 22:40
Bild - the highest-circulation newspaper in Germany - has apologised 'emphatically' to its readers after publishing emotive #fakenews #media - 20 Feb 2017, 22:37
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